Yin Yang Sudoku

The key principle of sudoku is peaceful thinking. Don't be in a rush - relax. Sudoku puzzle solving is supposed to pacify the player's mind, to "pour oil on troubled waters" of your senses. The game is sure to calm and harmonise you in a habitual for

PhotoPlayer 6

A must have for every PC user, addictive to the senses. PhotoPlayer 6 enables you to zoom freely over the entire image by only moving the mouse and its wheel and without clicking any buttons, quickly discover new images in the same image, one click create


Hercules Backup, an online platform for data backup and sharing, presents Hercules Backup - a free desktop application for automatic daily backup. Keeping your data at with Hercules you can be sure that it is absolutely safe in all senses

Flip_Themes_Package_Spread_Vivid  v.1.0

The vivid templates in Spread style provides bright and vivid images. With using these templates, you can produce a strong impression on the senses of your created digital brochure, or present your work in the appearance of vigorous life or freshness

7art Lucent Clock © 2008 by  v.3 1

Today, it is widely known that bright and strong colors have a direct effect in our frame of mind; according to experts, they can help us renew our energy and stimulate our senses.

Shape X  v.2.0

Intense 3D objects bounce around your screen as they blast your senses with color effects. Options for this screen saver include: many different shapes, particle systems, motion blur, email, weather data, dynamic wallpaper, news headlines, CD player,

Quali-Sense  v.1.0

A sensory panel is the most effective, most natural tool to describe the complex properties of food that trigger our five senses when consuming a product. Quali-Sense is the best companion a panel leader can hope for. Using a set of statistical

Deal Flux  v.

Deal Flux opens your senses to a wonderful one deal a day experience. Featuring the biggest names in one deal a day sites, Deal Flux brings you a revolution in app technology: be mystified by the colored tiles, allured with the one of a kind design,

ABC123  v.

Prepares your child for kindergarten! Kids will love learning alphabets, numbers, colors, Month, week names and object names with this easy to use application. Alphabet and numbers vibrant background colors will appeal to your kids visual senses.

Baby Don't Cry  v.

NB: The trial period has been extended to 15 days. The app monitors your babies voice to see if it is crying. And if the app senses the baby crying or shouting, it plays soothing music. The music is played for 3 minutes and then it stops. If baby

Music Healing 2  v.

Download & Relax now and tell a friend about Music Healing for WindowsPhone, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android! - No other senses have the impact of sound. What you hear can change your life. The way you sleep, wake up and think. Change what you listen

Family Growth  v.

The information contained in this application will give an insight into the ways in which the individual family member relates to world in which they live. By better understanding of the concepts of the Senses, Thought, Feelings and Intuition,

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